Patrick Gensel


is my favorite color. As I travel far and wide, Green captures my eyes often before anything else. I have rolled across the US four times, each time bringing back new adventures and stories, but I have never been to Rhode Island. In addition to capturing photographs with my camera from places far and wide, I have a strong love for the outdoors as a whole, so much green to be seen. I have spent time on the tops of volcanoes and dove the deeps, each time falling in love a little more with everything that is green.

As a photographer, my active lifestyle and love of travel drive my images. But, I'm equally excited by the opportunity to capture the special moments that life has to offer. There is too much beauty in this world to limit yourself, and my mantra is simple: Be really good at what you love, but explore all the possible angles.

I have called Northeastern Pennsylvania my home base all my life, but live to travel and explore.

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