About - patrickgensel

Patrick Gensel

Born and raised in Northeast Pennsylvania, Patrick spent most of his youth exploring the lush green forests and hills surrounding him. Fast forward to the present, and exploration is still very much a part of his life. Patrick's love of travel and adventure has taken him to every corner of the US as well as Iceland where he has captured a variety of photographs. Patrick's love for travel and adventure allows him to see those special moments in an adventure and capture it to share with everyone.

"Travel and adventuring to remote places is a very special experience that not many people are able to fully experience. Being able to take my camera with me and bring back images to share allows for those who can't travel to still be a part of the experience, that is pretty awesome!"

If you are interested in licensing my photos, scheduling a shoot, or just want to pick my brain about photography or adventure travel, feel free to drop me a line by emailing Patrick at patrickgensel.com, or use the contact form.

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